Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mobile business intelligence expectations

There is a discussion of some remarks I made to Ann All at IT Business Edge here, together with some opnions by Howard Dresner.

The interview reflects my opinion pretty well. I see mobile BI as a way to find new types of customers for BI more than as a way to replace existing installations. Too bad I didn't mention salespeople on the road, I think they are an important potential market as well.

Another point is that I think most people who said they expected mobile BI to be in use within 12 months were being too optimistic. The BI Survey 11 will address this question.


Terry Martin said...

I agree that Mobile BI is a great way to find new types of customers for BI, such as the marketing department (i.e. doing research studies, market research on the go, etc.) to purchasing managers traveling trying to understand emerging trends to salespeople (as you mentioned - especially the managers needing to analyze a vast array of product to customer trends / returns, etc.). As BI consultants we look at mobile as a great way to generate interest in BI across departments in companies and gain visibility.

Looking forward to the results of the 2011 survey.


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