Sunday, March 29, 2009

Will the recession help business intelligence?
Well maybe it will, though I expect total IT outlays to decline. At least I would say that BI is a relatively recession proof business, because bad times tend to encourage people to think about where the money is going to.

Anyway BusinessWeek is hyping the meme.


Anonymous said...

I think we share some scepticism about BI in the recession. I think it may do better than some other areas, but doing well relatively is not the same as doing well absolutely. I also think that most investments are going to be in organisations that already have established BI and will be focussed on squeezing more value from it. Difficult to see major BI projects kicking off now, particularly as it generally takes some time for value to kick in, regardless of what some of the newer BI vendors may claim to the contrary.

I explored this area in some more detail a while back in:


Jessica said...

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